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Manufacture & Design

BESPOKE by TRIPAL GROUP has been immersed in the manufacture and design of safety footwear for over 20 years. The collective experience and knowledge of the management team equates to more than 125 years, so when you work with us you know that you are working with the best in the business.


All of the footwear that we bring to market starts with a design phase. We have our own in-house design team who have extensive knowledge of European trends on styles and materials. They work closely with the technical department to ensure all of the safety requirements and features for each product are built in to each design.  An initial concept is then pencil sketched offering various design options and from that starting point a more finished design is drafted utilising industry standard software.

The TRIPAL GROUP have their own sole making capabilities for rapid and unique sample development and currently have over 70 sole patterns in daily use with the option to design and create new tailor made sole moulds.

Our team of buyers at BESPOKE by TRIPAL GROUP make regular sourcing trips giving us access to new materials and they work tirelessly to develop competitive sourcing channels and contemporary production technologies that enable us to produce footwear of exceptional quality at competitive prices.




BESPOKE by TRIPAL GROUP have key alliances and commercial influence with select major manufacturers which gives us the capacity to produce in excess of 7 million pairs per annum.  All of the production facilities that we work with use modern manufacturing techniques and have ISO 9001 QC management systems in place alongside regular social accountability and ethical audits.

We take Quality Control very seriously and we enforce very stringent quality testing procedures. To this end, we employ our own specialist team of experienced quality control staff, who are based out of our Wuhan Office in China and are strategically positioned to implement effective quality control procedures. We have processes in place that incorporate sampling, materials intake control and online checking to ensure compliance with technical and quality standards. 


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