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At BESPOKE by TRIPAL GROUP we specialise in the procurement and supply of high quality safety footwear into the UK and Global markets manufactured and branded to our customers own specifications.

We are one of very few companies that offer a full service solution from the initial consultation through to delivery. Our aim is to make the process of procuring your own branded safety footwear as simple as possible for you, which means we deal with all third parties on your behalf leaving you with one convenient point of contact; a UK company based in Northamptonshire with decades of experience in designing and sourcing safety footwear.

The process of procuring your own brand of safety footwear requires expertise in design, manufacturing processes, safety legislation and quality control. In a lot of cases handling a key project such as this in-house can work out to be a costly endeavour, both in terms of time and money. This is the reason why many companies turn to BESPOKE by TRIPAL GROUP. We have our own team of staff to cover all aspects of the design, manufacture, quality control and logistics procedures building up extensive experience with some of the biggest British and Global brands. Tapping into our knowledge base and services removes the need to hire your own in-house team or deal with third parties as this is all handled on your behalf, representing a significant cost saving not only in monetary terms but also in time.

The Process:


Before we start any project, it is important for us to understand your business and what you are looking for in your own brand of safety footwear to enable us to give you the very best guidance and get the project underway.  Once final specifications have been drawn up, the design process can begin.


Our in-house design team have extensive knowledge of European trends on styles and materials and in conjunction with your brief they will produce an initial pencil sketch offering various design options.  From this starting point, and by working closely with you and our technical team, a more finished design is drafted utilising industry standard software which can show various views of the footwear. Once this stage has been reached any minor alterations can be made quickly and easily in order to produce a final design to meet your requirements.


At BESPOKE by TRIPAL GROUP, we have industry leading manufacturing knowledge and production capacity and over time we have built up key alliances and commercial influences with select major manufacturers in the Far East . All of our supplier factories have ISO 9001 QC management systems in place alongside regular social accountability and ethical audits. Of course, when you work with BESPOKE by TRIPAL GROUP, we will use our considerable influence when dealing with the factories directly on your behalf and will oversee the complete manufacturing process for you. We also have a very active sourcing department which enables us to tap into and develop new, innovative and cost effective supply options for the benefit of our customers.

Quality Control

We take Quality Control very seriously and enforce very stringent quality testing procedures. We have processes in place that incoporporate sampling, materials intake control and online checking to ensure compliance with technical and quality standards. All of our supplier factories have ISO 9001 QC management systems in place alongside regular social accountability and ethical audits.

Technical Support

Throughout the project you will have unlimited access to our specialist technical support team who will be working to ensure that your PPE footwear is fully compliant with the latest European standards. We have representation on the EN/TC161 European Safety Standards Committee for foot & leg protection, with an active involvement and influence in setting EN ISO standards. You can therefore be rest assured that we are fully informed of the most up-to-date safety standards and will ensure that your safety footwear conforms to all necessary requirements.


We can offer a logistics service that will take care of shipping and associated administration to deliver your footwear from the factory directly to you. Alternatively if you prefer, you can make your own shipping arrangements.

Customer Service

At BESPOKE by TRIPAL GROUP we will do all we can to ensure that you have an outstanding customer experience. We are always available and happy to discuss any aspects of your project, either by phone, email or in person and we will work with you every step of the way to make the complete process as easy and stress free as possible for you.



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